zoom writing course series: lively, interactive, highly supportive…that’s how we roll!

What to expect in a Create Your Woman’s Wisdom Legacy Book course.

much liveliness

Smiles, snorts, chuckles, and full-belly laughter, cheers (pom-poms and small blowhorns allowed), applause (clappy hands or real hands) dance moves (oh yeah!), dress-up, and more. Imagine free spririts in a safe space generating wisdom and joyfully recording it!

lots of interactiveness

Learn about it, brainstorm it, discuss it, practice it, share it (if you want), get feedback, write it, give feedback…get my drift? This is NOT a listen-to-the-boring-lecturer drone on and on gig. Nope, your mind, body, and soul will be engaged!

super duper supportiveness

Your group members. Your accountability sister(s). Your writing instructor. Your one-on-one review session. The Dear Daughters Wisdom Project Community. You will be surrounded by nurturing, high-fiving women!

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

That’s a wrap for the Zoom Writing Course Series posts. It’s time to take action.

Now accepting women group registrations! Go here learn more.

Everybody needs a friend they shouldn’t be allowed to sit next to at a serious function.

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