Zoom Writing Course Series: how will I collect my woman’s wisdom?

Excellent question.

You’ll collect your woman’s wisdom in the same way you collect seashells.

Step 1: Venture to the beach, bucket in hand.

Step 2: Stroll along the water’s edge and begin your search. Many shells will be sitting on top of the sand. Some will be partially buried. A few will tumble-up with the tide.

Step 3: Pick up the ones that attract you. Study their attributes. Feel their textures. Listen to their sounds.

Step 4: Pop the shells you feel most connected with into your bucket.

Step 5: Take them home and wash them.

Step 6: Spread the shells out to dry and examine each again. Choose your favorites.

Step 7: Decide what to do with them. Display? Give-away? Make something new?

Photo by Selcuk Teke on Pexels.com

Learn how to collect your woman’s wisdom The Dear Daughters Wisdom Project way.

Next up! How you can create a woman’s wisdom book even if you have zero writing experience.

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