playful relaxation: this is how i do life and why you should copy me

Dear Daughters,

As you move through your sometimes hectic and challenging lives, keep the following quote close to your heart.

By being relaxed, we become open to having more success in our lives. We set ourselves up to be in a place of abundance, where our needs often are taken care of with little resistance. Increased relaxation doesn’t just lead to better mental and physical health, but other tangible forms of prosperity.

Neville Goddard, Manifestation Through Relaxation

playfulness and relaxation: a Review

Relaxation is:

Calmness, peace, tranquility. Absence of tension, anxiety, stress, worry, anger.

We sometimes deny ourselves relaxation because:

We are overly zealous about accomplishing goals and tasks.

We believe that engaging in relaxing pursuits is lazy, frivolous, unproductive.

By keeping our minds constantly busy, we don’t have to think about the painful stuff.

We don’t make self-care a priority by dedicating non-negotiable, consistent, quality time to ourselves.

Playfulness is:

Ah, yes! The state of being full of fun!

We don’t play enough because:

We take ourselves too seriously as adults.

We’ve embraced the suffering martyr role.

We’ve forgotten the joy and energy play brings.

We ignore our inner child who desperately wants to play.

So, what happens if we combine these 2 vital activities?

playfulness + relaxation =

Unbridled Joy, Sparkle, Laughter, Lightness of Spirit, Freedom, Liveliness, Generosity, Giddiness, Gratitude, Happiness, Creativity, Connection, Wonder, Exhilaration, Authenticity, Spontaneity, Endorphins, Living in the Now, Love.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

It’s empowering to realize that everyone of us has the innate ability to create these feel-good results. So go do it! For ideas, I’ve listed some of my favorite playful relaxation practices below.

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Playful Relaxation practices I swear By

  1. Create a loving “What I Like About Me” keepsake video/list/collage to acknowledge, appreciate, and remind yourself that you are awesome.
  2. Read a favorite childhood book by yourself or with loved ones. I recommend Where The Wild Things Are.
  3. Fake opera sing your way through chores, cooking, typing on the computer.
  4. Play hilarious (but not malicious) practical jokes to enliven your home environment.
  5. Listen to kid music playlists on Spotify. I like Rafi!
  6. Play chase, tag, or hide-in-seek outdoors. Start a nerf gun or a fake martial art battle with your dog/children/partner.
  7. Kon Mari a room with peaceful yet energetic intention. Revel in getting rid of all items that do not evoke smiles or internal gasps of joy.
  8. Start/Plant an Indoor Herb Growing Kit Name your plants, decorate their containers, and have daily chats/sing-a-longs with them.
  9. Create a whimsical homemade gift for a special person then mail it as a surprise.
  10. Read Happy News or Sunny Skyz news blogs because there are lots of good people in the world making lots of good things happen.
  11. Recite a poem you love out loud using a dramatic voice and arm gestures.
  12. Write friendly chalk messages on your neighbors’ sidewalks. Or slide a kind note under their door. Or send random “thank you for being you” messages to your people.
  13. Laugh in wild and crazy ways (witch cackle, evil genius, Santa, giggle, snort laugh, etc.) because it’s super exhilarating, hilarious, and I guarantee you’ll feel awesome afterwards!
  14. Rock in a rocking chair and remember (in colorful detail) your favorite times with friends and family. Giggle. Smile. Bask in your blessings. Then share them again.


Need more inspiration?

Check out this adorable video of Nana below.

All my love!

Nana’s Painted Rock Singing Clip!

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