The Gifts You Gave That Made Me Cry Happy Tears

It’s not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Teresa

Dear Daughters,

This is the season for gratitude so I want to thank you for all the incredible gifts you’ve given me over the years.

Gifts that made me cry happy tears because they were love in action. Because they were the manifestation of a beautiful truth I tried really hard to instill in you.

That a thoughtful act of of gratitude is one of the most loving & powerful gifts you can give.

I’m gushing again, I know. But I can’t wait to share my list of these unforgettable gifts…right now.


1. The Love Letters and Poems

Being a writer, this is one of my not-so-secret favorite things to receive. Of course I’ve kept every single letter, poem, & handwritten card containing the heart-felt words you selected to describe what I mean to you…why you appreciate me… and how I’ve inspired you. Your verses have nourished and rejuvenated my spirit time and again. I especially love the haikus.

Thank you.

2. The Homemade Stuff

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You handcrafted a delightful array of perfectly imperfect items and I love all of them. The rock hard cookies (edible after I microwaved ’em), the crooked-seams pillow, the poem calendar, the lopsided pottery bowl, that hilarious tree ornament, the itty-bitty pot holder, the reindeer head made from a palm tree husk, and so on. True labors of love!

Thank you.

3. Those Unprompted, Cheerful Housekeeping Moments

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Those whistle-while-you-work flash episodes where you just dived in and performed chores that needed to be done without me asking, nagging, begging, or threatening. Like the time you cleaned out your clothes closet and bagged up the donations items. And that magical day when you mopped all the floors after the dog ran through the house covered in mud. Pretty sure I popped open a bottle of celebratory wine that day.

Thank you.

4. The Pampering

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Motherhood is tough on a woman’s bod and brain and soul. So I loved, LOVED the neck rubs, back rubs, hand and foot rubs. The hair wash, blow dry, and style session. That makeover that took 10 years off my face and caused me to get carded by a far-sighted clerk…one time. Sure, the gift card for massages were lovely, however when you provided the manual labor the pampering felt even better.

Thank you.

5. That Framed Picture of the Two of Us

That one where we both looked fabulous and happy to be together even though you were a teenager and I was the perpetually exasperated mother of a teenager. I know you probably Photoshopped me a tiny bit. That’s okay. The fact that you printed the beauteous masterpiece, popped it in a pretty, sentimental frame and wrapped it? Amazing! So glad you didn’t just send me an attachment or a link to a portal. You put the work in to make me feel special and I did. Still do.

Thank you.

6. That Special Outing

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You planned the whole darn thing. You drove and brought all the gear, plus refreshments. You even remembered the water, orange slices, band-aids, and sunscreen! You picked-up when the event was over, drove me home, unpacked the car, and put away all the gear. It was such a luxurious experience for me. Especially the last part because I didn’t have to clean-up.

Thank you.

7. Cuddle Time

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I treasure all those cuddle times on the couch just hanging-out, chatting about random things, snort laughing, sipping Chai Tea, holding hands and hugging. I glad you shared your dreams and challenges. And you made me so happy when you asked about mine too.

Thank you.

8. Cellphone-Free Time

Those long stretches of time we spent together without cell phones so we were fully present with one another. Like our walks, cuddle time, and meals. At times, it was a little bit difficult to go that long without checking our phones but your undivided attention felt amazing. All that focus screamed, “You are important to me.” I hope you felt that way too.

Thank you.

9. The Performances

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The music concerts. The soccer games. The plays, videos, & comedy sketches. The school and award presentations. All moms get a huge rush from watching their offspring perform PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING. After all, part of the reason we have kids is for entertainment and bragging rights. Call it a return on our investment!

Thank you.

10. Queen For a Day

Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska on

Okay. I might have imagined this since I was popping pain meds at the time, but I’m pretty sure that when I was recovering from surgery a couple years back, you waited on me hand and foot, like I was your queen. The only thing missing was a bell. So if you want to give me another fantastic gift in 2021, let’s do a repeat of Queen for the Day. Bring the bell and I promise not to ring it more than five times an hour. Oh, let’s add a crown to make the experience even more festive.

Thank you.

Well, That’s the list! A list that makes me feel like the luckiest, most loved mom in the world!

Feel free to repeat these gifts in the near future.

All My Love.

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