Are You Feeling Homesick For Yourself?

Dear Daughters,

On Sunday, I listened to an episode of the Brene Brown Unlocking Us podcast which featured author Sue Monk Kidd. Here’s a link to the interview if you want to listen after you’re done reading this post.

Brene Brown and Sue Monk Kidd are two of my favorite Divine Feminine Authors. These women and the books they’ve written have given me the courage and the inspiration to–

Manifest my woman’s wisdom & gifts so that I can live my most authentic, my most fulfilling life.

So, I’m a huge, huge fan of both.

Back to the interview. In the course of the conversation about her books and her self-journeys, Sue Monk Kidd referenced two questions that I haven’t been able to stop asking myself EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  1. “Are you feeling homesick for yourself?”
  2. “Are you taking your own breath away?”

Now just pause for a moment.

Repeat those questions, one at a time.

Breathe the words in and allow them to saturate your body, your heart, your spirit.

Then when you’re ready (could be minutes, hours, days, weeks) and only then, let the responses come to you.

Are you?

  1. “Are you feeling homesick for yourself?”
  2. “Are you taking your own breath away?”

I’m going to stop talking/writing now. Because you can take it from here.

But know this, as a mother who holds a cosmic-sized love for you I don’t want you to EVER feel alienated from your perfect, sacred self.

And my greatest wish for you is that you’ll always gasp in amazement at yourself.

Because that’s what I do.

Every single time I think about you.

All My Love.

I love listening to this blast-from-the-past song when I’m thinking about my Vision of Love for myself! It was Mariah’s first hit!

BTW, if you want to learn more about The Sacred Feminine, read this book.

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, By Sue Monk Kidd

One response to “Are You Feeling Homesick For Yourself?”

  1. Great powerful questions I’m going to journal on in the next week. I’m curious to see what comes up. And I’m putting the recommendation to heart and will read it soon. Love this project!


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