Don’t Forget To Use These 10 Super Cool Words

I like good strong words that mean something.

Louisa M Alcott, Little Women

Dear Daughters,

Did you know that I’m a word collector?

That’s what geeky word-enthralled people like me do.

Well, some of them do.

Well, I do.

I collect words. Words that are intriguing, that are unfamiliar, that are out of fashion, that were forgotten, that are titillating to speak, hilarious or horrifying to hear, fascinating to read…words that cut and carve, that slap you in the face, that are melodic, tender, seductive…words that perfectly capture and express a feeling or an action.

Now daughters, I am aware that you probably don’t worship words in the same zealous manner, however I do know each one of you is an avid book reader and a curious learner. Therefore, I’ve decide to share a portion of my beloved Don’t Forget These Super Cool Words collection with you.

You’re welcome.

If by chance you don’t know what these brilliant words mean, look them up please.

Nope, still not giving out answers.

Here’s a link.

But, what I will do is provide a contextual sentence for each. I’m guessing you smarties will figure out each word’s general meaning from this. However, for a comprehensive understanding of primary and secondary meanings, research is required. Sorry, some things never change.

Here’s the link again.

10 words off my Don’t Forget These Super Cool Words list

  • DIVERTING: I adore her diverting conversational style. It sure livened up that snooze of a meeting.
  • CONFLUENCE: My mediation garden is a confluence of trickling water, fragrant flowers, and lazy shade trees.
  • KERFUFFLE: A kerfuffle ensued when the King threw gold coins over the balcony into the crowd.
  • ACCOUTERMENTS: The Ninja assassin sent to take him out was covered in deadly accouterments.
  • BALEFUL: The Doberman’s baleful glare scared the crap out the cat.
  • VITRIOLIC: The blogger’s vitriolic commentary caused a lot of outrage and offense.
  • VENALITY: Strict rules are in place to prevent the venality of officials. Doesn’t always stop them though.
  • PARRHESIA: The parrhesia of modern language often offends older people.
  • BODACIOUS: His bodacious red velvet pants screamed look at my body.
  • CURMUDGEON: George was a curmudgeon probably because he was lonely, full of life regrets, and his bum knee throbbed like a mother all the time.

Wield these gems with careful consideration for maximum impact.

Don’t do it to sound highbrow, but rather for the thrill of choosing then deploying a super cool word that hits the bullseye. Bam!

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All my Love.

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