How Women Think: Six Things Men Should Understand About Women

Dear Daughters,

Here is a follow up the How Men Think post.

Before I get started, know that I love, respect, and admire the male species.

However, it’s been my experience that those men closest to us could benefit from a little help to better understand how we women think.

 Ta-da! Introducing a short list of frequent pain points for women.

Admittedly, some may be cliche and some are lightly clothed in hyperbole, but all six points contain indisputable foundations of truth.

Share this post with a special man. One you want to understand you a whole lot better.

How Women Think: Six Things Men Should Understand About Women

Empathetic, Supportive Listening 

It looks like phone/remote/controller down, mouth zipped, ears open, steady eye contact, sympathetic expression, and head nodding in agreement. 

It doesn’t look like eye rolls, head shaking back and forth, eyes shut, eyes averted, drawn-out sighs, derisive snorts, or snoring.

It doesn’t sound like Why didn’t you… Why don’t you…Your first mistake was… Why are you friends with that B again? It’s your own D fault. 

After I’ve finished speaking/venting, I will then accept sympathetic hugs, kisses, gentle pats on the back, and a “that must be hard” murmur.

If I desire your advice, critique, or commentary, I’ll specifically ask for it. 

If I don’t ask for it, don’t give it.

Just listen please.

Step Away From the Bath and Shower Products

Bath and shower stuff makes us feel and look beautiful.

Yes, I really do need and use each and every one of those 11 different items.

Why do you think my skin is as soft as butter? 

My hair as shiny as that wax coat on your car?

How do you think I got these tight pores?

I’m glad all you require is soap on a rope in the shower stall because frankly I need most/all of the available storage space.

Let’s not forget how my body is emitting a whole lot of good smells too.

How Do I Look?

I’m not gonna kid you.

It’s a tripwire question.

Therefore, I’m providing specific examples and a practice opportunity so you don’t fall on your face.

Let’s Begin.

Me. “How Do I Look?”

You. Eyeball my entire person for at least 10 seconds and then provide heartfelt praise such as:

You look boss in that pantsuit.

Those boots make you look badass. 

You look smoking hot in that red dress.

You look beautiful, I’d date you/do you/marry you again.

These are excellent responses guaranteed to produce warm happy feelings and a day filled with smooth sailing and possibly other benefits for you.

What would not produce warm feelings, a smooth sailing day, and other benefits for you are the following responses: 

A quick glance up from your phone and you look fine. 

Not looking at all and you look fine. 

You always look good. 

You look the same as yesterday. 

Fine. Let’s go, we’re late.

It’s pretty clear-cut stuff.


Towel Rules

Every towel in our house has a specific purpose and actions of blatant cross-contamination will not be tolerated.

Maybe you didn’t know towel rules exist.

Now you do.

Examples of cross-contamination violations include:

Using a dish towel to wipe sweat off your face after you’ve mowed the lawn then putting it back.

Using a bathroom towel to wipe down your tools then putting it back.

Using the kitchen sponge to wipe down the dog’s favorite chew toy then putting it back.

Using the dishcloth to clean the floor, fan blades, window sills, everything but the dishes.

When in doubt, use a paper towel.

On second thought…just use a paper towel unless showering or washing your hands twice.

My Domain

Yes, we share our home, however my domain consists of everything in the house except your clothes closet.

Your domain is everything in your garage and the cars.

Don’t try to redecorate my domain.

Don’t relocate the stuff in my domain.

Don’t alphabetize anything in my domain.

Don’t logicetize (made this word up but you know what I mean).

Don’t numeric order anything in my domain.

Don’t buy stuff for my domain without discussion knowing that final approval always rests with me.

I won’t mess with your domain if you don’t mess with mine. 

My Moods

They are real.

They are here to stay.

No, I’m not going to change, suppress, control them.

They are part of me and they are part of being a woman.


Just like I deal with your man periods.

Oh, yeah, that’s a thing. Look it up in Urban Dictionary.

Oh, you get them alright.

Want proof?

Produce incriminating videos.

Moral of the Story: Help a Man Out

Share this vital information with a man you like, love, admire, respect to create a more understanding, harmonic relationship.

So often men don’t know what women want.

It’s our duty to tell them.

All My Love!

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