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What’s the Dear Daughters Wisdom Project?

Here’s to strong women. May you know them. May you raise them. May you be them. — unknown Background The Dear Daughters Wisdom Project began both as a legacy for my amazing girls and as a tribute to my mom–a kind, funny, beautifully wise woman. I’ve been soul scribbling for Dear Daughters all my life…even…

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My Woman’s Wisdom Book is Almost Here!

A big, durable, hard-bound book featuring a lovely watercolor pastel flower to symbolize love, faith, and hope. My Woman’s Wisdom book consists of two parts: The Writing Guide and Your Book. The Writing Guide. A built-in guide designed to inspire and empower you to write your wisdom. It contains ideas, template, tips, & helpful tools.…

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How Wild Laughter Exercises Can Kick Your Stress to the Curb

Dear Daughters, Life can be extremely stressful. Sometimes you might feel like you can’t remember NOT being stressed. When exhausted, pissed-off, anxious, and binge-eating is your everyday normal. When you can’t recall the last time you laughed your butt off because you’ve lost your sense of humor. When your go-to stress relievers (wine, ice cream,…

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What’s the Dear Daughters Wisdom Project?

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