ZOOM laughter wellness workshops!

For Community Groups and Corporate Remote Work Teams

Stress, Loneliness, Fear, Boredom, Anger, Anxiety, Hopelessness, Irritability, Indolence, Burnout, Inertia, Isolation, Disconnect, Apathy, Body Aches, Loss of Appetite, Excessive Appetite, Headaches, etc., etc., etc. 

No, this is not a list of side effects from a prescription drug commercial! Rather, these are commonly reported symptoms from people isolated at home during the 2020/21 COVID Pandemic. 

While we can’t control the world, we can take control of our own wellness in a fun, healthy manner!

In this Virtual Laughter Wellness Workshop you will:

LEARN about the many scientifically proven health benefits of laughter for individuals and teams including: higher energy levels, stress, anxiety, and pain relief, improved mind/body resilience, enhanced positivity and performance, stronger team connections, and much more.

DISCOVER The Laughter Yoga phenomenon and the MD who started it. Laughter Yoga has been featured on CNN, Oprah, Discovery Channel, The Doctors, TED Talks, and more.

PARTICIPATE in playful laughter exercises and breathing techniques from the comfort of your computer chair. No yoga contortions required! Appropriate for older adults and people with disabilities. 

Contact Terri here to schedule a virtual Laughter Wellness Workshop today. Workshops are customizable in format and length (30-60 minutes).

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader since 2012

Over 300 Laughter Wellness Workshops delivered and counting!

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