Zoom Writing Course Series: Why is My Woman’s Wisdom Such a Big Deal?

Why is your woman’s wisdom such a big deal?

Because you are a big deal. You are amazing and your life has infinite meaning.

Because for so long women were told they weren’t valuable and that their wisdom was insignificant.

Because your wisdom is powerful and it will guide & inspire & comfort your descendants.

Because wisdom that is shared creates a dynamic intergenerational connection.

Because your wisdom is part of the collective knowledge of all women.

Because the more women’s wisdom we collect, record, & pass along, the mightier we become–together.

Because why the heck haven’t we been doing this for hundreds of years?

Imagine if we had.

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.”

Virginia Woolf

Time to get started. Learn more.

Next up! How do I collect and record my woman’s wisdom?

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