Dear Mom, Here are 8 reasons I’m so grateful for you

  1. Unconditional Love. I’ve always felt loved by you every single day of my life. That, no matter the size, nature, or number of stumbles I’ve made, you love me. Loving me without conditions and judgement is the greatest gift you’ve given me. Thank you, I love you.
  2. Telling me I’ll feel better after I shower. I always did, even if I sometimes pretended I didn’t when I was a sulky teenager. Never underestimate the rejuvenating effects of cascading water. To this day, I always invest in a powerful shower head. Thank you, I love you.
  3. Your inappropriate but never malicious sense of humor that I inherited. It has enabled me to cope with and diffuse hundreds of tense situations and people, especially my own firecracker self. I have many fond memories of laughing our way through those dicey moments together! Thank you, I love you.
  4. Your advice to not “lower myself” and engage in a tit-for-tat battle. Sure, snarky revenge looks hilarious on TV but it debases a person in real life. As you’ve often said, you’ve raised me better than that and for 99% of the time I’ve followed your advice. (See unconditional love for the other 1%.) Thank you, I love you.
  5. Your Nod and Smile. I like to think of it as Judy’s own Namaste practice. It demonstrates that you believe every person has value and deserves to be seen, heard, acknowledged. Nod and Smile is a powerful, caring, connective gesture and is a true expression of your beautiful heart. I’m happy to report your granddaughters are Nod and Smile practitioners as well. Thank you, I love you.
  6. The Hostess with the Mostess! You set a beautiful table. You stock a guest’s favorite coffee, foods, shampoo, and sheets. Your gracious efforts always make family and friends feel welcome and cherished. That’s why we keep coming back! Thank you, I love you.
  7. People Over Things. A lot of folks give lip service to the “Family First” creed. You walk the talk without exception. You are the epitome of “love in action,” and, as a result, your family and friends always feel treasured, appreciated, important. Thank you, I love you.
  8. A Joyful Spirit. Laughing. Smiling. Singing. Dancing. Thankfulness. Sentimentality. A gusto for food. Optimism. Grace. I’m forever grateful for the joyful life you’ve role modeled. You are my inspiration. Thank you, I love you.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Lyric excerpt from “The End” by the Beatles

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