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Dark Humor for Women

Once upon a time there lived a happy and satisfied wife named Charlene. Her husband Billy was the perfect prince: kind, loving, and very lusty. But then one day, POOF! He morphed into a big, old lump. To make matters worse, he started torrid affairs with three sexy mistresses; a leather armchair, a big screen TV, and ESPN.

Charlie is heartbroken and growing angrier by the minute. She’s tried everything but her husband refuses to change back. What’s a wife to do? Divorce won’t cut it, too messy and expensive. Besides, how will she ever get him out of the arms of THAT chair?

Only one drastic option remains…Murder.

But’s she’s having a little trouble…Billy just won’t die.

“Hysterical! This is a dark romantic comedy with so much heart. To Kill An Armchair Husband is a beach read you’ll want to enjoy over and over again; it’ll make you laugh your face off and warm your heart.” CL Coons, Author of Collide

“Weeding takes the reader on a wildly entertaining roller coaster ride in this highly creative but not so far fetched story of modern love–won, lost, and soon to be strangled.” R Kramme, Playwright, Suitcases

“Charlie Score is practical, sensible, and determined. But even those qualities can’t help her with her latest project. It’s impossible to keep from adoring her, sympathizing with her and cheering her on. This novel for women,To Kill An Armchair Husband, is an uproariously funny and surprisingly poignant glimpse into one woman’s attempt to resolve a vexing dilemma.” Audrey RL Wyatt, Author of Poles Apart

Humorous Holiday Wisdom for Women

Moms, do you dread the advent of the holidays?

Do you find yourself faking the Christmas spirit WAY too often?

Does the “happiest time of the year” make you feel exhausted, anxious, inadequate, underfunded, overwhelmed, and scrooge-like? It’s okay to admit it…just not out loud.

STOP the holiday madness with this stress relieving, LOL guide for MOMS who kill themselves trying to make the holidays picture perfect for their families.

Enjoy these lively and inspiring vignettes sized just right for bathroom breaks, parent pick-up lines, and sport practices. Take control of the holidays this year and put the spirit and joy back where it belongs, front and center.

“Moms, for sanity’s sake, read this hilarious guide BEFORE you start doing ANYTHING for Christmas….”
“Insightful holiday lessons delivered with humor!”
“A fun survival guide for Moms who try to do too much and lose their shit.”
“LOL essays that remind us what the holidays should be about.”
“A smarty-pants commentary on holiday exces
s in all forms.”

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