Zoom writing course series: What the heck is woman’s wisdom?

Calling Dear Daughters Everywhere!


I’m launching my mothership Zoom course Create Your Woman’s Wisdom Legacy Book” in September.


I can’t wait to teach women how to capture & record their unique feminine wisdom in a fun, supportive, & empowering learning environment. Intrigued but a little freaked out because you’re not a writer? Not to worry. I’ve developed a guided, baby-steps writing program that any woman can succeed at.

In preparation for the BIG Zoom course launch, I’m rolling out two big things.


“Is This Course Right For You?” Info Webinars. Here’s the skinny. The webinars are free, 30 minutes long, and will be recorded. The second one is scheduled for Friday August 27th at 11 am PST. If you can’t make the date, sign up anyway and you’ll get the recording. Don’t wait as there is limited seating for each webinar.

Go to webinar registration page


Woman’s Wisdom Educational Mini-Posts like this one below.

what the heck is WomAn’s Wisdom?

Glad you asked.

A super cool aspect of being a creator is that you get to make up your own glossary of terms.

Woman’s Wisdom: A beautiful, powerful collection of your life lessons, favorite quotes, mantras, happiness tips, poems, books, songs, cautionary tales, secret dance moves, inappropriate coping mechanisms, stories, fables, activities, resiliency tools, axioms, pumper-uppers, commentary, warnings, random but helpful rants, recipes, product recommendations, & more.  

Some of it gleaned from individual life experiences, some of it knowledge passed down from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other female mentors. 

Then there’s the definition for Woman’s Wisdom Book…

Woman’s Wisdom Book: A book of feminine wisdom that provides comfort, continuity, connection, guidance, & empowerment to your descendants.

A treasured family anthology added to by each generation then passed along to the next!

Dear Daughters Wisdom Project: Glossary of Terms

So now you know. YOU possess a whole lotta unique and amazing wisdom swirling around in your head, in your heart, and in your soul. My mission is to help you capture it, articulate it, & record it so you can pass it along to your people. Trust me–your loved ones will be overjoyed to receive such a gift, and they’ll treasure it…especially after you leave this earth.

Don’t forget to register for the webinar


Why is My Woman’s Wisdom Such a Big Deal?

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